Zaire Huruku is an upcoming artist in the Twin Cities Music scene.

Zaire Huruku is originally from the small city of Goma in Zaire, now called the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Music has always been his gift and his curse. In this past year, he has released an EP, Rafiki Time, his single, Smoke One with Me, and his debut album, Born to Do It, available on iTunes. Zaire Huruku has crafted a style of his own, combining influences from Afrobeat, R&B, Trap, Hip-hop, and Reggae. The result is a sound unlike anything you've heard before, his songs ranging from his experiences growing up in Africa to his rumba, life of the fiesta vibe. Zaire Huruku aims to inspire people around the world, and bring back the sounds of his home to get his listeners in the groove.
Photography by Agyei Photography.

Afro elegant, the brand

Founded by Zaire Huruku in 2016, Afro Elegant is a brand that encompasses generations of music, culture, and style. Zaire Huruku was born in 1986 in Zaire (now called the Democratic Republic of the Congo), during a time when, despite brewing political tensions, culture was booming and the spirit of sapologie was in the air. Characterized by its bright, boundary-pushing elegance, sapologie is a style and philosophy that draws on far-ranging influences from the chiefs of the Kingdom of Kongo to European styles, deriving its name from La Sape, the abbreviation for Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes (translated as "Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People"). A unifying force, sapologie unapologetically asserts its African elegance. Growing up listening to Congolese artists like Papa Wemba, one of the original pioneers of sapologie, instilled in Zaire Huruku an inextricable link between music, storytelling, and the art of style. Zaire Huruku now creates Afro Elegant music that draws on both the influences of his home and the American culture he had to quickly adapt to when he and his family relocated to the United States in 2001. Like the philosophy of sapologie, Zaire Huruku’s music prides itself in class, elegance, and good vibes, embraces its African identity, and harnesses the power to unify people across cultures. Despite his influences, Zaire Huruku has transformed Afro Elegant into a brand and vision all his own. Zaire Huruku is joined in his venture by partner Hannah Callahan. Together, they are working to expand Afro Elegant into a worldwide brand that will inspire and bring people together.